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Meet the Doc

Brad Richardson, DC

Practical Chiropractor & Soft Tissue Expert

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Dr. Angela Cantrell, DC has a diverse background and believes in a well-rounded and honest approach to the health and wellness of her patients. 


She graduated with a degree in Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior from UC Davis in 2004, with a minor Spanish. She was active as an undergraduate and worked as a lifeguard and Emergency Medical Technician while teaching CPR and First Aid to the community. She is a 2012 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic West where she received her Doctorate in Chiropractic. Dr. Cantrell was a Chiropractic Intern at the VA Hospital at Mather Field.

Dr. Cantrell has worked on a variety of patient populations, including infants and children, first responders, law enforcement and corrections officers, amateur and professional athletes, and adults of all shapes and sizes. While studying Chiropractic, she worked at Sports Medicine Institute in Palo Alto where she did Myofascial Release and served a wide range of of individuals, including Weekend Warriors, CrossFit Fanatics, and Collegiate & Professional Athletes in sports ranging from Track & Field, Football, and Weightlifting. After graduating, she joined the Chiropractic Staff at the Veterans' Affairs Hospital at Mather Field where she served as a Chiropractic Intern.

Dr. Cantrell is formally trained in a variety of Chiropractic techniques, including Diversified, Gonstead, Sacral-Occipital, Thompson Drop, and Cox Flexion. She specializes in soft-tissue mobilization and is a certified Full-Body and Nerve Entrapment Active Release Technique® (ART®) Provider with previous certifications in Graston Technique and Massage Therapy.

Her passion has always been building a positive, supportive, and inclusive community for herself and others, and this extends into her Chiropractic Practice as well. She feels very connected to her community and love the relationships she has made as a parent. Dr. Cantrell is the PTA Health & Wellness Chair at Greenbrook Elementary School and on her days off, she can be found on the Mustang Soccer fields cheering from the sidelines. Dr. Cantrell also founded My Village, an online community for mothers in the Danville, San Ramon and Alamo areas. 

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