How long does an appointment last?

New patient visits include a detailed history, phsyical exam and, in most cases, a treatment the same day. Visits also include a thorough diagnosis, detailed treatment plan with patient education, and home care program. New patient visits are 1 hour and we kindly ask that all paperwork is completed and returned ahead of time. If not, please allow an additional 15 minutes for processing.


A traditional appointment, for an exisiting patient, is 15 minutes and includes myofascial work (soft tissue therapy, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release or some combination of those) and specific adjustments. 


For patients wanting a bit more time, we do offer 30 minute appointments which includes additial myofascial work, including Active Release Technique®, and specific adjustments.

Do you accept insurance?

We are in-network with most insurance plans, including Aetna, American Specialty Health (ASH), Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Cigna, HealthNet, Medicare, MedPay, Optum, Personal Injury, UnitedHealthcare, and Workers Comp.


Depending on your benefits, your visits will be covered by a co-pay or payment towards a deductible. 

For patients without insurance coverage, we request payment at the time of service, via cash, check or credit card (including FSA/HSA cards). If you have insurance that might cover your out of pocket expenses, we are happy to provide you with a SuperBill, which you can send to your insurance company for reimbursement for covered services minus any applicable co-pays or deductibles on your plan. 

*We are happy to verify your benefits to determine if your insurance plan includes coverage for Chiropractic care or answer other questions pertaining to insurance. Please call or email us and have your insurance card and subscriber's information available. 

Can I book an appointment online?

We offer online appointment scheduling for new and existing patients. In order to begin online scheduling, you will need to be added to our system. The link below will allow you to create an account with our scheduling system. You will receive an email confirmation once your account is ready to begin scheduling. 

If you would like to bypass this step, you may CALL US or EMAIL us so we may create an account for you.

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