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COVID-19 Information

Dear Cantrell Chiropractic Community,

Our practice has always maintained the strictest standards of cleanliness and safety. Given the pandemic, our team has taken in so much information over the past via webinars, and continuing education units, to help us better understand this virus, and to create an even safer Chiropractic home for our patients. 

What is different?
At our office, we have always worked hard to reduce the spread of germs. During this pandemic, we have stepped up our cleaning practices along with our personal protective equipment to keep our patients and team safe.

Social distancing:
We will continue to follow social distancing recommendations. Our cozy waiting room will be closed for now to allow for continued social distancing.

Your vehicle is our new reception area, for now. You will receive a text message one hour prior to your appointment time. We will ask you to reply to this text when you arrive at our parking lot or email us to check-in. As soon as the last patient has left and the office has been sanitized, we will promptly whisk you back to the treatment room. We will be checking each person’s temperature as they arrive with a touchless infrared thermometer and asking a series of COVID-19 Screening Questions, which can be found HERE. Hand sanitizer will also be provided. Although we love seeing the whole crew, we ask that only the patient (and guardian if the patient is a minor) enter the office. This will reduce the office occupancy, minimize the communicability of COVID-19, and increase social distancing. Lastly, please only bring necessary items (keys, phone, wallet) to your appointment and leave any personal items at home.



Each patient will be asked to wear a mask upon entering the building and will continue wearing it within the practice. We realize this has probably become a habit for you already! We will have a very limited number of masks available to you if you do not have your own, however we have had a very hard time securing necessary PPE, so we will greatly appreciate it if you can provide your own. 

Practice modifications:
We have equipped our office with 3 BlueAir HEPA filtration units. These offer the latest in filtration technology for superior airborne particle removal. The BlueAir HEPA filtration is tested and certified by an independent third-party lab to effectively filter 99.97% of harmful ultrafine pollution particles, down to 0.1 microns in size, including airborne viruses and bacteria. These units completely filter room air every 12 minutes resulting in a noticeable difference in air quality. BlueAir is the only major air purifier brand to verify with AHAM for Clean Air Delivery Rate, US EPA for Energy Star rating, and CARB for safe ozone. 

Our team will be wearing additional PPE items. We are the same people underneath, so please continue to have fun with us (we are smiling under our masks!). If you would like us to wear gloves, please do let us know. Also, please bring an extra layer or two for yourself. It gets very hot under all of our new layers of PPE, so our air conditioning will be cranking away. 

All waiting room magazines, toys, etc have been removed from our office for now to avoid any cross contamination. Our bathrooms and water fountains will also be closed off for now. There is a restroom and water fountain in the hallway of the building, if needed in an emergency. Additionally, our coffee bar as well as all non-essential touch surfaces (including our self-check-in kiosk) have been removed.


We will continue to clean our office in between patients, including wiping all touch surfaces (door knobs, etc) and the treatment table with hospital grade germicidal wipes. To allow for proper cleaning, we will be shortening appointment times by approximately 5 minutes only as needed. 


Upon check-out, you will have the option to store your credit card for payment, read your credit card number aloud for us to enter manually, or pay via ApplePay. These are only options as we will be wiping down the card reader between visits (as we always have!) - you are welcome to use your credit card normally or pay be cash or check. We will provide hand sanitizer upon exit. 

Additional Changes and Information:
Our practice hours have changed and will continue to expand as needed. Our current hours are Tuesday - Friday 2pm to 7pm and Saturdays 8am - 3pm.


Appointments can still be made online here. We are now available via text at (925) 854-2786! Additionally, our online appointment scheduling can now accommodate same day appointments up to 30 minutes prior to appointment time. We strongly encourage patients to utilize the online scheduler when possible. 


Massage is once again available! Avery is in the office on Mondays and every other Saturday from 9am - 1pm and Fridays 2pm - 6pm.


If you are ill, have a fever or cough, or have recently been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19, we politely ask that you refrain from visiting our facility for 14 days. We will be asking you a series of questions related to your health upon your arrival. These questions will be repeated before each time you come to our office.

Please do let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your continued trust in our office.

We look forward to seeing you soon!
Dr. Brad Richardson, DC and the entire Cantrell Chiropractic Inc. Team

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