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Avery Williams, CMT

Certified Massage Therapist & ART® Practitioner


Avery began her massage therapy career at National Holistic Institute in San Jose completing 1350 hours of massage. Avery fell in love with learning about the human body and the way it moves, and she continued her education in Advanced Neuromuscular work, focusing on clients who have injuries or are very active with sports. She combines her knowledge of injuries, as well as her basic massage techniques to create a relaxing and therapeutic environment for the client.


Avery recently became a Full Body Active Release Technique (ART) provider, helping to quickly relieve chronic ongoing pain. She takes pride in helping others and working with patients to identify and adapt to their specific needs. Developing a knowledgeable relationship with her patients is very important to her.


Avery specializes in deep tissue work but also implements other manual techniques such as:

          - Myofascial release

          - Trigger point

          - ART®

          - Prenatal

Avery enjoys being outdoors, and you will often find her walking her dogs, practicing yoga, or painting in her free time.

Avery is in the office on Mondays and Fridays.

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